Artist Statement

I am interested in the constant flux of the visual world, and our temporary space within it. Through common distortions of light, shadow, and atmosphere the familiar can become abstracted and unfamiliar. Thus - for a fleeting moment - the mundane is transformed into the sublime. My work explores how these phenomena affect my own sense of perception and physical location through a material-driven painting process.

Using reductive abstraction I synthesize memories, found images, and photographs of my surroundings into multilayered compositions. I have developed a process that involves painting on layers of paper and translucent polyester mesh. This allows me to explore illusionism both in paint and in actual space. The resulting images are a combination of blurry, atmospheric forms and distorted shadows that lie beneath washes of color, and intense passages of light.

In the paintings, the arrangement of these elements alludes to an ever-shifting landscape; a place where things slip in and out of focus and viewers cannot always locate themselves. This sense of shifting space is particularly relevant in an age where our relationship to physical place is increasingly tenuous. Our world is a transient one, and the struggle to capture something just on the edge of perception is what drives me to paint. The romanticism of the traditionally sublime landscape painting would now be a lie of omission. My role as a painter is to sort through the visual static and background noise found on the periphery of my daily life, and reorganize them into an experience that captures the sublime feeling of seeing something familiar as if for the first time.